Seminary applicants from other participating dioceses send completed files directly to the Rector of St. Josaphat no later than June 1. Completed files are then reviewed by the Seminary Advisory Board.

  1. The applicant processes all necessary forms through the Archdiocesan Vocation Director. The St. Josaphat application packet, includes application forms together with appropriate academic applications, financial aid applications, and loan applications.
  2. Once an applicant’s file is complete, the Vocation Director forwards all materials to the Rector of St. Josaphat, no later than June 1. Mid-term applications are not accepted. It is strongly recommended that the Archdiocese (and any other participating diocese) maintain copies of all application materials in their chancery archives.
  3. Upon receipt of all application forms and materials, the Rector presents the applicant’s completed file to the St. Josaphat Seminary Advisory Board.
  4. The applicant will be interviewed by the Rector and one other member of the St. Josaphat Seminary Advisory Board prior to any formal recommendation by the Board.
  5. The St. Josaphat Seminary Advisory Board will make recommendations to accept the applicant at the pre-theology or theology level :
    1. If the applicant is accepted, an application will be forwarded to the admissions office of the recommended theological school.
    2. If the applicant is not recommended by St. Josaphat Seminary Advisory Board and/or a theological school, all forms will be returned to the applicants chancery with notification of non-acceptance.
    3. All decisions regarding acceptance am subject to appeal to the Metropolitan-Archhishop.
  6. Payment for all pre-admission testing, including medical and Psychological, is the responsibility of the applicant.
  7. Upon completion of the application Process, all individual copies of an applicant’s file are returned to the Rector and filed accordingly.