The purpose of the process of application is to offer the applicant an opportunity to examine future vocational directions. During this time, the applicant visits with priests who presently serve in leadership positions. Through various evaluation tools, the Seminary is able to assess the skills of each applicant, as well as possible growth areas to be addressed in his transition to seminarian in the Formation Program at St. Josaphat.

Because each potential seminarian presents the seminary with a unique set of attributes, traits, and life experiences, and because seminarians come from all age groups, it is not practical to present a comprehensive overview of the application process on this website. Those considering an application are encouraged to speak to the Vocations Office of their respective Archeparchy/Eparchy. The Vocations Office for the Archeparchy of Philadelphia isĀ


Questions regarding the application process should be directed to the Vocation Director of your respective Archeparchy/Eparchy or the Rector of St. Josaphat Seminary by clicking the contact us link.