The purpose of the process of application is to offer the applicant an opportunity to examine future vocational directions. During this time, the applicant visits with priests who presently serve in leadership positions. Through various evaluation tools, the Seminary Advisory Board is able to assess the skills of each applicant, as well as possible growth areas to be addressed in his transition to seminarian in the Formation Program at St. Josaphat.

Besides the Formal Letter of Application and paperwork outlined in the Application Checklist, there are three major components to the application process:

Part I – Interviews:

Each applicant is requested to interview with one or more members of the Board. These interviews enable Board members to become aware of and understand the applicant’s reasons for choosing St. Josaphat. Interviews are scheduled by the Rector and are conducted as soon as possible after receipt of the Formal Letter of Application

Part II – Recommendations:

Each applicant is asked to submit the names of six people who can attest to his abilities and maturity. These people should be able to speak to different aspects of the applicant’s life: academic, physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and psychological.

Part III – Psychological Testing and Evaluation:

In order to compile an accurate profile of the applicant, the Seminary Advisory Board requests that the candidate undergo psychological testing and evaluation. Using various tools of assessment, a professional identifies issues that need to be addressed, as well as opportunities for future growth. Anxiety and fear are unnecessary; the community address concerns that will allow for a smooth transition to a new way of life.

After all the paperwork is compiled and the above outlined process completed, the Seminary Advisory Board meets to discuss the best course of action for each applicant. In some cases, the testing may indicate that entrance into the seminary is not appropriate, or should be postponed so that issues identified in the various reports can be adequately addressed. If an applicant is accepted, the Seminary Formation Team, in consultation with the applicant, selects the appropriate academic school and entry level.

Questions regarding the application process should be directed to the Vocation Director or the Rector of St. Josaphat Seminary.